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Crafted for the out-of-this-world goers. Free U.S. Shipping.

positive space series

A collection of pieces to celebrate that space in which you are unique, creative, powerful, different, positive… the place where you do the extraordinary!



Why the spotdly store?

First, what’s Spotdly?  A Universal Interactive Creative Studio. 

Second, why shouldn’t we have our own merch? 

Well, we want to push people to do things differently, so we create pieces to put creativity first and above everything else. 

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limited edition

Every collection is unique and limited. Because, of course, we like to keep creating new stuff.

free u.s. shipping

Not at lightspeed, as we wish. But you’ll receive your package within a week.

exchange and returns

Houston, we DON’T have a problem. Feel free to return a package if something is wrong.